Brian Grazer: My Ex-Wife’s Manny Turned My Kids Racist

Hollywood super-producer Brian Grazer is suing his ex-wife. The legendary filmmaker claims in recently filed legal briefs that Gigi had recently hired the worst possible help to raise their children.

Grazer claims that his ex-wife’s former 20-something “manny,” was a lazy slob, has turned his children into young racists.

According to Grazer, the manny was the worst possible influence for his 9-year-old and 13-year-old children.

Grazer says the racist maker is uneducated, disrespectful to Grazer and others, and used extremely bad foul language and racist sentiments that harmed his children’s mental fortitude.

According to Brian Grazer, the manny quit several weeks ago, and now he believes any future nanny or manny positions should receive his final say.

Not only does Grazer want the current parenting agreement to include nanny decisions, he also wants 50 percent say in teachers, coaches, and any other professionals who work with his youngsters.

Unfortunately, the legal documents do not say what terrible things Grazer’s children learned at the hands of the bad manny.

Brian Grazer currently pays Gigi $40,000 per month in child support, and, based on the current happenings, he wants his visitation rights to match the big sum of cash he’s paying to his ex-wife.

Gigi has not responded to Brian Grazer’s claims about a racist nanny.

If we have learned anything in recent times, it’s that nothing good comes from battles over Nanny’s and other help in Hollywood. Just ask Jude Law and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

More to follow as Brian Grazer and Gigi meet in court.