Xbox 720 Event: How It Might Unfold [Video]

The Xbox 720 event is happening tomorrow, and Machinima has made a parody video about how it might unfold.

Rumors and speculation have been running rampant over the Xbox 720 for nearly a year now, and after Sony revealed the PlayStation 4, the rumors have never been more fiercely fought over. Seriously, one Twitter post was all it took to make potential Xbox 720 owners pledge allegiance to Sony’s upcoming machine.

Oddly enough, nobody knows yet what the PlayStation 4 even looks like, other than the people at Sony. All we’ve seen is the controller, and tomorrow that may be all we really see of the Xbox 720.

The video begins with words on the screen, “The Macroshaft Presscon Friends Will Begin Shortly,” along with some classical music. Then a couple of guys just start yelling over each other and end up yelling at the same time, “Xbooooooooox!”

One takes over in the already established Billy Mays style, “You all saw the Sony conference, we’re here to blow ’em away! They had a ridiculous stage, we got a platform like this!” The background shows footage of the PlayStation 4 event and a plethora of monitors, and then just the guy in front of a green screen. And the jokes and parodies begin.

The two guys keep yelling, “Sony showed no console!” “Zerooooooo!” One of them adds in a normal pitch, “That’s what we’re showing too.” The other one says, “We shoved a VHS player in the back of mine!”

Then a bunch of weird schematics run in the background as one of them says, “Three! Count! Three symmetrical cores running at 3.2 gigahertz, times two.” The text flies by with an obvious misspelling, “3.2 gigahearts.” The other guy adds, “300 magmahertz processor!” “Ten megabytes of embedded RAM.”

One of the guys laughs, “Ten megabytes…” The other one cuts him off, “That’s 500 million triangles per nanosecond! How many triangles is that?”

The rest of the video is above.

How do you think the Xbox 720 event might happen?