16-Year-Old Lands First Ever 1080 On X Games MegaRamp [Video]

Sixteen-year-old Mitchie Brusco landed the first ever 1080 on an X Games MegaRamp on Friday night to join an exclusive club who have also landed the difficult trick. Only two other skaters have ever landed the trick, but nobody had done it on an X Games MegaRamp until Brusco accomplished the feat this past weekend.

He didn’t win the Big Air competition with his historic trick as veteran Bob Burnquist took home the gold medal. Burnquist is now tied with Dave Mirra and Shaun White for the most X Games gold medals of all-time.

Brusco’s 1080 landed him with a second-place finish and a silver medal after winning the bronze medal a day earlier in the skateboard vert competition after landing a 900. To put things in perspective, a 1080 is three full rotations that have widely been considered the “holy grail of skateboarding tricks.”

Tons of stars were in attendance at X Games Barcelona, including skateboard legend Tony Hawk and rapper 50 Cent. Tony Hawk was a skateboard innovator when he landed the first ever 900 and he’s also considered the greatest skater of all-time, but he was as impressed as anyone while watching Brusco’s trick from the broadcast booth.

While watching, Hawk nearly fell out of his chair while he sat in complete awe as the 16-year-old landed the 1080 to finish his run. After the competition, winner Bob Burnquist was also amazed by the youngsters feat.

“I just can’t believe this kid did a 1080, like, first try,” Burnquist said about Brusco.

The only other skateboarders to land a 1080 are also very young, as 13-year-old Tom Schaar and 16-year-old Jono Schwann have also landed 1080’s in their early careers. Now they are joined by friend and fellow competitor Mitchie Brusco after he stunned the crowd at X Games Barcelona.

Here’s video of the 16-year-old landing his first ever 1080, and many believe it’s just the beginning for this “shredding” youngster.