[Spoiler] ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ Winner Revealed After Final Task

The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice winner was announced during Sunday night’s finale by Donald Trump. Trace Adkins, American country singer, was “hired” by Trump as the first ever All-Star winner as he beat out fellow finalist Penn Jillette.

Adkins finished runner-up to Piers Morgan in the first ever Celebrity Apprentice, but he takes home the crown in the All-Star edition, along with $250,000 for his charity and an extra $100,000 from Walgreens.

The 51-year-old singer was playing for the American Red Cross while Jillette hoped to win for Opportunity Village, a Las Vegas charity set up to help people with intellectual disabilities. The final challenge wasn’t as simple as it looked, as both competitors were given the task of creating a new ice cream flavor for Walgreens’ “Delish” line.

After producing their new flavor, Adkins and Jillette were asked to create a commercial and hold a release party to raise money for charity. Adkins went with a “Maple Macadamia Mash-Up” while Jillette introduced the “Magic Swurtle.”

At their debut parties, which were filled with celebrities, Adkins brought in $564,000 in ticket sales while Jillette managed to bring in $503,655.

Though Penn Jillette wasn’t named the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice winner, Walgreens still donated $100,000 to Opportunity Village as Jillette’s ice cream sold more than Adkins outside of ticket sales.

A bevy of stars showed up for Trace Adkins’ bash, including football superstar Tim Tebow, NASCAR champion Tony Stewart, and singer Wynonna Judd. Jillette also had a star-studded event with Wayne Newton, Gilbert Gottfried, and even the Blue Man Group.

In the end, Trump “fired” Jillette and named Adkins his first all-star apprentice. During the finale, both competitors showed off their talents as Adkins sung his new single “Love Will,” while Jillette did magic tricks with his partner, Teller, for the audience.

The two finalist didn’t get along too well throughout the show, but they showed their respects in the finale and Jillette even played bass guitar during Adkins’ performance. Before the announcement, Adkins said, “If I’m gonna lose, I wanna lose to the best, and by God he’s the best.”

Did Trace Adkins deserve to be named the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice winner over Penn Jillette?

[Image via Chad J. McNeeley]