Mo’Nique Weight Loss: A Revealing Look At How She Shed 80 Pounds

The Mo’Nique weight loss story has exposed an amazing step-by-step look at how the Precious star lost 80 pounds — and how you can do it too. By using Twitter to document her fight, the 45-year-old Precious star has provided genuine inspiration to other people who are struggling to shed extra weight.

One powerful technique The Mo’Nique Show comedienne uses is to simply hold herself accountable in public. Each morning, she tweets a message and often a photograph of her workouts.

It works. I have a friend who does the same thing. He now weighs what he did in the high school — and he can lift more and run faster than he did back then.

What makes that result particularly amazing is that, like Mo’Nique, he is also over 40. Despite the metabolism changes that come with time, people can get some astounding results if they’re willing to invest the effort.

Mo’Nique reported last week that she has already shed about 80 pounds to reach around 218. She’s on track to reach her target goal of somewhere between 190 and 200 pounds.

The top photo is from her May 17 tweet, which shows her hiking around Los Angeles. She’s laughing because, as she explained, the little girl inside is ready to run.

Now, I caught a little flack yesterday for a story I posted about Rob Kardashian’s weight loss struggle, which I called a fat failure. I didn’t find it particularly inspirational that he appears to work out and yet doesn’t get anywhere.

The real world doesn’t care that you tried. There is no try. Mo’Nique is inspiring because she faced a particularly tough challenge — an over-40 metabolism and a 100-plus pound weight loss goal.

Yet she found a way to demonstrate a genuine achievement.

Let’s walk through some of the photos that Mo’Nique has tweeted to track her weight loss success and see for ourselves how she did it.

[Mo’Nique weight loss photo via Mo’Nique Worldwide and Twitter]