Courtney Stodden Also Has A Sex Tape

Courtney Stodden wants everyone to know that she has a sex tape, too.

Not to be outdone by the likes of Farrah Abraham, the young wife of Lost star Doug Hutchison, recently revealed that she has her own sex tape secretly hidden away.

Unfortunately for fans of the 18-year-old Girls & Corpses model, the footage may never see the light of day. The teenager revealed that she doesn’t plan to release the sex tape at any point in the foreseeable future.

Since Courtney isn’t one to shy away from sharing a little too much information, she also stated that the tape features her and her alone. Stodden added that she didn’t want to inspire anyone’s naughty imaginations.

“Hackers, don’t even go there cause you’ll find nothing,” she told a handful of people at a fashion event in Los Angeles on Thursday. “I don’t want to put any images in people’s mind; I’m gonna leave it up to you guys to think what you want.”

Courtney Stodden was also quick to address any questions regarding when the sex tape was filmed. She explained that she just turned 18 last August, and that curious parities should do the required math.

To summarize: The young wife of the creepy guy in Lost has a sex tape but you’re not going to see it anytime soon. Of course, this could change if someone comes along with the right amount of cash. After all, what’s the point of telling everyone you have a sex tape if you don’t want anybody to see it?

Considering the amount of money Vivid Entertainment paid for Farrah Abraham’s now-infamous sex tape, perhaps Stodden is just testing the waters. Sex tapes are having a comeback, especially if you’re a controversial celebrity without anything else to offer.

What do you think about Courtney Stodden and her sex tape? Is Courtney just being Courtney, or is this a calculated business move?

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