Ronnie Wood’s Ex-Wife’s New Book Spins Heroin-Laced Cigarette Smuggling Tale [Report]

So Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Jo Wood has a new book coming out Tuesday, It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll: Thirty years Married to a Rolling Stone, and, boy, does she have a lot to say about Wood’s issues with drugs.

In February, The Inquisitr reported her claim that she was recovering from the birth of their second child Tyrone when Wood showed up with a little gift to help her recover — cocaine.

She said then that Ronnie Wood’s problems with drugs and alcohol in the late 70s and early 80s left them with very little money. But when fellow Rolling Stones band member Bill Wyman loaned the Woods money for their children’s school fees, Ronnie bought a Rolex.

Well, apparently she’s still mad about it — and now she has a book to promote. So, according to Radar Online, Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife slipped them an advance copy of the upcoming memoir.

And they’re reporting that Jo Wood makes some pretty wild claims.

One story centers on a 1978 trip to the Bahamas with a Colombian drug dealer who aspired to become a record producer. “Victor,” who apparently doesn’t have a last name, reportedly brought Ronnie Wood and Beatles drummer Ringo Starr together for a meeting.

According to the tale, Ronnie Wood and Victor were smoking heroin-laced cigarettes on the airplane. Then the ungentlemanly Victor dumped the bag of laced cigarettes into her lap during the plane’s descent and asked Jo to smuggle them through customs.

Nice guy. But apparently it takes Jo Wood a long time to get to the boiling point. She went on to marry Ronnie Wood, and they were together for 26 years until he left her for a much younger woman.

Reports differ, but Ekaterina Ivanova could as been as young as 18 when she first hooked up with the now 65-year-old rocker. He recently remarried a somewhat more mature woman in her thirties.

Jo Wood sounds bitter but I’m not sure I blame her. Will you be buying the new book from Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife?

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