Colombian Mom Believes Her Baby Is Possessed By The Devil

A Colombian woman reportedly believes that her baby is possessed by the devil. Ana Feria Santos believes that "evil spirits" and "black magic" captured control of her newborn's soul. The little boy is allegedly already walking and "produces fire."

Santos was reportedly filled with joy when her son was born last month. The Colombian woman's initial elation quickly turned to fear when she began to notice what she terms, abnormalities in her baby, according to the New York Daily News.

Even Santos' allegedly terrified neighbors allegedly believe the newborn baby is possessed by a "malignant spirit" and is capable of producing fire. The family lives in the town of Lorica, along the Caribbean coast. The fire claims reportedly stem from the discovery of burn marks from where the baby sits on the couch and on his clothes.

Attacks by vigilantes have allegedly occurred at both Santos' house and the home of her former husband, Oscar Palencia Lopez. Local physicians are not buying the black magic possession of the infant. The doctors have launched an investigation into the matter, noting that the baby could be the victim of abuse.

The Catholic Church, the National Police, and the Colombian Family Welfare Institute have all come out against the devil possession claims. Two small burns were reportedly found on the palm of the baby's left hand, according to Colombia Reports. A social worker, team of psychiatrists, and an attorney are all now involved in the review of newborn's health and welfare. Both Santos and Lopez have reportedly received a warning to safeguard the "family environment" while the local authorities review the matter.