Pig’s Head In Locker Prank Angers Stoke City Striker Kenwyne Jones

It’s all fun and games until someone puts a pig’s head into a locker.

Stoke City striker Kenwyne Jones was the victim of a seriously sick prank this week when he opened his locker to find a severed pig’s head. Team manager Tony Pulis said that the team was investigating the incident and would punish those responsible for the prank.

[WARNING: If you don’t want to see a severed pig’s head, then you should probably stop scrolling down this page.]

Pulis said that the Stoke City players frequently prank each other and that he wasn’t sure why someone decided to leave a pig’s head in Jones’ locker.

Pulis told the BBC: “We have a smashing dressing room, and there are four or five lads who are always up to something. There is always banter going on. I honestly don’t know what’s gone on this morning, I’ve missed all of what’s happened. I try to stay away from the home dressing room as much as I possibly can, I let the lads get on with it. We will look at it tomorrow, I will have a chat with the lads and find out exactly what has happened. From that point onwards we’ll let everybody know exactly what the situation was.”

The club also released a statement saying that they would investigate the incident and punish whoever was responsible for the prank.

The club said: “A full internal investigation will be carried out … Those responsible for any unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with in accordance with the club’s disciplinary procedures.”

Stoke City striker Brek Shea posted an image of the pig’s head to his Instagram account, writing: “Locker room banter gone wild!!!”

pig's head

Where do you draw the line on locker room shenanigans? Is a pig’s head in the locker one step too far?

[Photo via Stoke City striker Brek Shea]