Kanye SNL Rant Makes For Interesting Season Finale [Video]

Kanye West’s SNLrant at the Adult Swim upfront party should make for one interesting finale to the show’s 38th season. During West’s performance at the Roseland Ballroom on Wednesday night, he didn’t hold back as he dropped one f-bomb after another during an intense venting session.

The 35-year-old didn’t choose his words wisely, and for some reason he is convinced his status as a musician doesn’t make him a celebrity.

“One thing about me, I’m the worst kinda … celebrity because all I do is make real music,” he said during the start of his rant, which he slowly sang to the crowd in attendance.

There was no stopping him there, as he went on to add, “That’s mother f—ing it. …So I don’t want anybody running up on me with no cameras, trying to sell pictures for their magazines, or asking me dumba– questions and throwing me off of my focus, and harassing me all f–-ing day. No, no, no, it’s not me.”

You really can’t make this stuff up, and only Kanye West knows how to turn a performance into one of the best tirade’s of all-time. Before his rant was over, the artist decided to take a jab at Saturday Night Live just days before his appearance on the season finale.

“I’m trying to make some music that inspires people to be the best they can be. I don’t want nobody to ask NOTHING ELSE OF ME,” Kanye’s SNL rant began. “Don’t ask nothing else of me. …. nah I ain’t doing no f—ing SNL skits … this my … life. This ain’t no f—-ing joke. That’s it.”

It’s sure to get interesting Saturday night as Ben Affleck hosts the final show of the season with Kanye West as the musical guest. It will also be Bill Hader’s last night as a comedian on the show after eight seasons, which is much longer than the average run of SNL greats.

You won’t want to miss this gem, no matter which one of Kanye West’s personalities shows up. Do you think Kanye’s SNL rant on Wednesday night will show itself again during the hit show’s season finale this Saturday?

[Image via David Shankbone]