Kanye West SNL Rant Builds Anticipation For Saturday’s Season Finale

Kanye West went on an SNL rant during a gig this week, saying he’s not a celebrity and won’t be “doing no mother—-ing ‘SNL’ skits.”

The remarks, which came during an appearance for the Adult Swim upfronts, are now building anticipation for this week’s season finale of Saturday Night Live, which has Kanye signed on as the performer.

Known for his brash style and lack of a filter, Kanye West went on a wide-ranging rant that touched on SNL. After ranting about papparazzi, Kanye responded to a friend who asked if he might do an SNL skit about the annoying photographers, one that could humanize the rapper a bit.

Kanye responded:

“I ain’t here to apologize to no mother****ers, man. It ain’t about me humanizing myself. At what point did I become un-human where I had to turn myself back? Or maybe I was demonized. Or maybe I was treated inhumane and not human in that kind of situation.”

Kanye would seem to have good reason to be tired of paparazzi. Since he has started dating reality star Kim Kardashian, he has become a popular target for photographers. In his rant, Kanye was quick to point out that he’s just a performer trying to make good music.

“I ain’t no mother****—ing celebrity. I ain’t running for office. I ain’t kissing nobody’s mother****ing babies. I drop your baby and you sue me and sh**. I’m trying to make some music that inspires people to be the best they can be. I don’t want nobody to ask nothing else of me. Don’t ask nothing else of me.”

The Kanye West rant makes SNL a must-see this week. The already peeved performer is all the more likely to use his stage to air his personal views, something he’s become famous for in his stage-crashing style. And adding to the drama is a report from Perez Hilton claimed that West threatened not to perform if Kim Kardashian was mocked.