Workout Video Captures Pooping Guy In The Corner [Video]

Workout videos and pooping go hand-in-hand, right? The jury’s out for us, but while the folks over at HiitLean were probably trying to teach us something about health and fitness with a lithe, sweaty model, we simply couldn’t take our eyes off of the guy pooping in the corner.

The workout video is called the “Burnout Challenge,” and is No. 11 in a series from TheDailyHiit. But the over 600,000 people who have already watched it on YouTube barely noticed anything about the plyo / leg routine because when the camera pans left, there’s a man visibly pooping on a toilet in the corner.

“0:35 wtf someone is taking a sh** on the left side lol”

“uh nobody noticed the guy taking a dump?”

“There’s a dude taking a sh**!”

Yes, it’s true. Right in the middle of the workout model’s squat front raise exercise, the camera pans left and captures a sleeveless dude minding his own business on the can with the door wide open.

He seems blissfully unaware that there’s a workout video being filmed outside and looks to be catching up on his Reader’s Digest or something, but he’s there and that’s pretty much the end of it.

Later, the camera pans back his way during another workout, and we can see that the door is closed.

Though we’d like to imagine how the confrontation must have gone down when the workout video pooping-bomb was discovered, I’m more interested in what made him think he could poop with the door open in the first place.

He’s obviously sitting across from a camera crew. He’s comfortable with everyone watch him poop?

Now you can, too! Check out the workout video pooping clip below: