June 15, 2013
Sean Payton And New Orleans Saints OK'd To Renegotiate Contract Says NFL

NFL officials have provided the New Orleans Saints with written permission to negotiate a contract extension for suspended head coach Sean Payton. You might recall that the NFL's front office voided Payton's previous contract extension based on a technicality in the coaches contract.

According to NFL spokesman Greg Aiello:

"The league office has communicated fully on this matter with the Saints and we are confident that it will be resolved in an appropriate and timely fashion."
Under his former contract Sean Payton could walk away from a New Orleans Saints deal if general manager Mickey Loomis was suspended or walked away from his job. Following the New Orleans Saints bounty program Loomis was suspended for the first eight games of the current NFL season.

NFL officials struggled with the contract, fearing that it could lead to a bad precedent among NFL workers.

Loomis has since told the New Orleans Times-Picayune that he believes a new contract will be worked out with one of the NFL's most sought after head coaches. According to Loomis:

"I absolutely expect Sean to be our coach next year and going forward. These contract issues will be resolved."
There is still the chance that Sean Payton could be forced to coach one more season in New Orleans regardless of a new contract. Payton was scheduled to coach the 2012-2013 season before his suspension which means his contract could toll into the 2012-2013 season.

Rumors have heavily swirled around a Dallas Cowboys contract for the NFL head coach.

Do you want Sean Payton to stick around in New Orleans?