‘Dark’ Trailer Shows Off Vampire Skills [Video]

Dark just landed a new trailer showing off vampire skills.

The new game about a vampire that almost nobody knows about just landed another trailer. Eric Bane is a blood sucker whose appearance almost reeks of being too similar to Alex Mercer of Prototype and pretty much all of Desmond Miles’ ancestors from Assassin’s Creed. Yup, another hooded antihero is on the horizon.

In Dark‘s defense, it is trying something we’ve never seen before. How many vampire games have you played which required stealth and used super powers? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, they say. The game also seems to have adopted a new cell-shaded look, giving it a more interesting ambiance.

The new trailer for Dark begins with the title of the video, “Dark skills trailer [number] 2.”

The first skill shown is Obfuscation. Eric Bane sneaks around in a squatting position as the text reads, “Stalk your prey invisibly.” The screen appears to waver like light is being bent all around him. We then see the skills wheel menu before Eric Bane uses the skill and fails to sneak up on a guard, who yells, “He’s here!”

Text at the bottom of the screen says, “Your foes’ blood heals you,” as the text at the top says “Regeneration.” The guard shoots Eric Bane as the vampire makes his way behind a crate. The guard continues shooting as Eric waits for him to close in. Our hero teleports behind the guard and attacks.

We then see the Dark skill wheel menu again and this time “Domination” is selected. Our hero teleports behind another guard and attacks, and this time the text on the bottom reads, “Hypnotize your target.” He then sneaks right by the guard without the guard even seeming to notice as he hangs his head in a daze.

We then see a series of attacks as Eric Bane shows a few people who’s boss.

The rest of the trailer is above. Dark hits Xbox 360 this summer.

What do you think of the new vampire skills trailer for Dark?