Chad Coleman Confirmed: Tyreese Joins 'The Walking Dead'

This week's best rumor is that AMC's The Walking Deadhas tapped The Wire alum Chad Coleman to play the fan-favorite character from the comics, Tyreese. Happily for fans of Robert Kirkman's comic series, this news has just been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

In the comic book series, Tyreese is a former Atlanta Falcons linebacker who crosses paths with Rick's group early on. In terms of the show's chronology, imagine Chad Coleman showing up in the season two premiere and you'd have it about right. Since Joe Bernthal's Shane died early in the comics, Tyreese replaced him as Rick's right-hand man, a role currently occupied on the TV series by Norman Reedus's fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon.

It's all very confusing, but let's just say that like Michonne, Tyreese is a character that fans have been hoping will make it to the AMC series.

"There are a lot of characters from the comics that we will eventually work into the show -- Tyreese, Abraham, this new character Negan, who is the latest bad guy [in the comics]," showrunner Glen Mazzara said in October. "They all exist in the world of The Walking Dead, and it's just a matter of time before we meet them all."

The only problem with Coleman's Walking Dead debut? It probably means more characters have to die. Executive producers Mazzara and Kirkman confirmed that Lori and T-Dog's death are just the beginning, and that the mid-season finale paints a giant question mark over every character in the show.

Then again, they said that about the season two finale, and I don't even remember who they killed.

In any case, Tyreese in the comics was a fun character. Yes, was. Tyreese was brutally executed by The Governor during his raid on the prison complex. Of course, the show doesn't very strictly follow the comics (on purpose) so the sky is the limit for Coleman's Tyreese.

What do you think of AMC's The Walking Dead? Will Chad Coleman's Tyreese be a welcome addition to the cast? Who do you think they'll kill to free up a spot for him?