LeAnn Rimes Feud After Mother’s Day Blowout With Brandi

Another LeAnn Rimes feud involving the ever-jilted Brandi Glanville has occurred on Twitter after the eternally bickering nightmare Betty and Veronica continue to hash out bad blood after Rimes poached actor Eddie Cibrian from Glanville.

That was basically like 100 years ago, but the Brandi Glanville LeAnn Rimes feud seems to never, ever, ever, ever abate.

Ostensibly, the LeAnn Rimes feud kicked off when, of all things, the country songstress decided to put aside her past tension with Glanville and send the mother of her step-kids a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. Awww.

Of course, in a divorce dynamic — especially one involving an affair and an abandoned spouse — such things may never go smoothly … and it appears Brandi Glanville wasn’t having any of LeAnn’s niceness on Mother’s Day.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to Twitter to “thank” her romantic rival, and that’s where the LeAnn Rimes feuding began again in earnest.

On Mother’s Day, Rimes tweeted independent of Glanville about being a stepmom (her bio includes the hashtag #TwitterStepmoms) by posting:

On Monday, Glanville tweeted:

In a now deleted tweet, LeAnn Rimes’ feud with Brandi was sparked off when she replied:

“This was actually the first acknowledgement of my gesture I was made aware of. I didn’t see anything else sent to me. It wasn’t for the ‘thank you.’ It was to just simply say Happy Mother’s Day.”

She later tweeted:

One user tweeted to Rimes that she doesn’t know how LeAnn “puts up” with Glanville’s constant scrutiny, to which the star replied:

Do you think the Brandi Glanville LeAnn Rimes feud will ever end?