Racer’s 230 MPH Crash Results In Crazy Video, Broken Ankle

Australian drag racer Chris Matheson walked away from a 230 MPH crash with a broken ankle, a couple of bruises, and one crazy story to tell at his next race.

Matheson was racing during at the Sydney Dragway’s 2013 Nitro Champs event. The Australian racer got his bike up to 230 mph before he lost control and spilled down the strip. Matheson and his motorcycle both do a couple of flips before skidding to a stop in front of an awestruck crowd.

The racer was able to get up and hobble off the course before being told that he had broken his ankle. Matheson won’t be able to race until the injury heals, but he’s got to be pretty thankful that he’ll be able to race again.

Matheson never really has control of the bike during his run but don’t mistake the Australian racer for some inexperienced rookie. According to the Australian National Drag Race Association, Matheson recently became the quickest thing on two wheels. The racer smashed the unofficial mark to become the fastest motorcycle in Australia.

Matheson said: “The bike ran like it was on rails, carrying the wheel high in the air and blasting down the braking zone before slowing to a stop with the brakes glowing … It was mind boggling to achieve 241mph in the dark at Australia’s most famous drag strip. I knew on that pass it was now we would run quick or it was not going to happen as the dew had started to roll in. The speed is right up with only a few worldwide.”

Here’s the video of the Australian racers 230 MPH crash.