Anthony Davis hurts his draft stock

Every year there is one bone head that is guaranteed a high draft spot then seems to do whatever he can to screw it all up. Hey it is not like we are talking about the potential loss of tens of millions of dollars, oh ya we are. This year’s candidate seems to be Anthony Davis the OT from Rutgers. Many early NFL mock drafts had Davis has a virtual lock to be selected in the top ten, after acting like a bonehead at his school’s pro day Wednesday he may slip to the bottom of the first round.

Some will sit here and say hey what is the big deal? Being a NFL first round draft pick in a very good thing, and they would be right. However the difference in money is tremendous. For example most had Davis as the ninth pick in the 2010 draft. Last year’s ninth overall pick, BJ Raji got a 28.5 million dollar five year contract with 18 million of that number guaranteed. Davis’ stock has been slipping since the end of the college football season and recent mock drafts have him going in the bottom third of the first round. Let us say he slipped to the Green Bay Packers at 23. Last year’s 23rd overall pick, Michael Oher, got a 13.8 million dollar, five year deal with only 7.8 million guaranteed.

So what did Davis do? Well he didn’t show up for his pro day, even though several NFL offensive line coaches and flown to Rutgers to see him work out. Once they got him on the phone and told him they would like to meet with him he refused to way in. For a guy who was already facing immaturity issues this is not going to help. On top of all that he says he wasn’t going to work out because of a hamstring injury that was not fully disclosed to NFL teams.

That means a few giant red flags are being raised on this kid, and it will most definitely affect where he gets selected.

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