Matthew Perry Spoofs Angus T. Jones Video

Angus T. Jones is having a rough week. The young actor from Two And A Half Men recently called his hit show "filth" and urged fans to stop watching. That didn't sit well with some of his acting peers. Rainn Wilson released a video earlier this week mocking Jones' religious awakening and now Matthew Perry is joining in on the fun.

Perry, who currently stars on the show Go On, said that he was inspired by Jones and decided to skim through the bible. Perry apparently discovered that his show was also complete garbage.

Perry says:

"Glancing at the bible has led me to realize that Go On is a complete abomination with terrible morals. Don't watch my show. Stop watching Go On."
Most of Perry's jokes come at Angus T. Jones' expense but he also makes fun of himself in the video. For instance, Perry said that in 2006 he had another religious awakening and told people to stop watching his show Studio 60. Well, no one watched Studio 60 and it was quickly cancelled.

Here's Matthew Perry's Funny Or Die video.

Angus T. Jones has been the butt of quite a few jokes lately but he's also seen some support. His former cast mate, Charlie Sheen, offered him a job on Anger Management. Stephen Baldwin also came out to say that Jones should follow his heart and not his career path.

Do you think people are being too hard on Angus T. Jones?