Violent Video Games And Movies: Vice President Joe Biden Wants To Tax Them All

Vice President Joe Biden wants all violent video games and movies to be taxed.

Every single time violence in real life becomes a major or nationally relevant topic, the US government keeps trying to blame it on violent media. Violent video games usually get most of the blame because no other kind of media gives you the chance to gun down people and humanoids with realistic weapons ranging from high-powered rifles to crowbars.

Unfortunately, they repeatedly do this because they don’t want to tell parents of violent kids to take responsibility for the actions of their offspring. We can legally regulate guns and games, but we can’t do anything about the real life causes of violence in real life.

Vice President Joe Biden held a closed-door gun legislation meeting with religious representatives from around the US, to discuss the issue of violence in real life. He feels that if we put a tax on makers of violent video games such as Call of Duty, as well as violent movies, we can put the money toward helping the victims of real life violence.

In a way, it makes sense.

However, it will raise the price on such games, and newcomers to the gaming development world won’t want to develop much of anything more violent than Mario. It takes recreational indoor activity away from kids with violent tempers, and they are more likely to commit real life violence out of sheer boredom. Taxing violent video games and movies could potentially make the problem worse, but seeing as it’s more money in government pockets, we doubt Vice President Joe Biden would have a problem with that.

There have been victims of violence who have been either flat out denied benefits, or given so much red tape as to make the process of acquiring the funds feel like a waste of time. So who is keeping the government in check as they take money away from developers of violent video games and movies? Or in the words of a popular movie, who watches the watchmen?

Do you think Vice President Joe Biden is on to something by taxing violent video games and movies? Or do you think it will only make the problem worse?