‘How I Met Your Mother’ Lets Us Meet The Mother For First Time

How I Met Your Mother has finally allowed us to meet “the mother.” At this point the audience is still the only group of people who have actually met her.

Originally, there was talk that we would actually have to wait until season nine to see who the girl with the yellow umbrella was. Turns out that Cristin Milioti was revelead as the mystery woman at the end of season eight’s finale.

We don’t know much about the character other than the fact that she is currently known as the “Woman with Umbrella.”

How I Met Your Mother brings the well traveled and well experienced Milioti over for an apparent recurring role in next year’s final season.

The actress has plenty of work under her belt in a wide range of different roles. Cristin Milioti has served time on Broadway in the stage adaptation of Once.

She has appeared in dramas such as The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie and sitcom fans might recognize her for a guest role in 30 Rock.

In that 30 Rock role she played a baby voiced writer that Liz Lemon hired in order to bring more diversity to the staff.

While the characters in the show haven’t actually met the “Woman with Umbrella” the stage has been set. Ted (who is the storyteller of the show and the one who will met the mother) tells Lily that he’s done with New York and is moving to Chicago after Barney and Robin’s wedding.

As the episode closes, we see the woman with an umbrella purchasing a ticket to the same place where the wedding is taking place. Earlier in the episode Lily tells Ted that she envisions him meeting a girl with great boots that she can borrow.

As the show closes it also appears that Ted might be rethinking heading to Chicago. The “Woman with Umbrella’s” reveal means that we also want see the twist that some thought How I Met You Mother might offer up.

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]