Macklemore Twitter Rage Over OKC ‘Blunder’ Using ‘Can’t Hold Us’ [Video]

Macklemore, one of the best known faces of Seattle rap and a staunch advocate of his hometown, recently heard a rumor that got his blood boiling. According to reports, the Oklahoma City Thunder is blasting “Can’t Hold Us,” the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hit, to pump up the crowd during home games at the Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Maybe that isn’t too amazing, since the infectious tune will really wake you up. “Can’t Hold Us” is wildly popular, having hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The energetic official video, which took three months to film on six continents, was premiered about a month ago on April 17. Its YouTube release has since racked up over 26 million viewers and growing.

So it’s safe to say that everybody likes Macklemore and “Can’t Hold Us.”

But the trouble is that the Thunder is the erstwhile Seattle SuperSonics, the team that was poached by Oklahoma City and renamed in 2008.

Macklemore, like many Seattle natives, hasn’t forgotten, and he hasn’t forgiven. The city is still waiting to see if they will eventually acquire a new NBA team.

So you have to admit that it’s more than a little tactless for the OKC Thunder to use a well-known Seattle artist’s song to pump up a team that abandoned their city.

Rather understandably, he doesn’t particularly want the Oklahoma City Thunder to keep playing his song. And he took to Twitter to let the world know how he felt about it.

The Macklemore and Ryan Lewis official “Can’t Hold Us” YouTube video features Ray Dalton:

Poor Oklahoma City Thunder. Everybody loves Macklemore. But he doesn’t love ’em back.

[Macklemore and Ryan Lewis photo by Christopher Dubevia Creative Commons and Wikimedia]

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