LeSean McCoy: Michael Vick Cheated In Foot Race

Michael Vick recently beat LeSean McCoy in a foot race but the Eagles running back doesn’t believe it was a fair fight. McCoy said that Vick cheated and challenged him to another race.

McCoy claims that Vick took off before the gunshot and that he has a video to back up his claims. Vick denied the accusations and has received support from several NFL players who said that he absolutely “dusted” McCoy during the race.

Colt Anderson said: Vick just beat Shady in a 40 yard race.

Clay Harbor said: “The rumors are true… Vick dusted McCoy in the 40yd dash. The Vick McCoy race had striking similarities between the Willie Beamen (Jaime Foxx) Julian Washington (LL Cool J) race.”

Harbor likened the Vick – McCoy race to Any Given Sunday but the writers at Pro Football Talk think the scenario is more similar to the famous Seinfeld episode where Jerry is accused of cheating in a foot race. Like McCoy, Duncan Meyer accused Jerry of taking off before the gunshot. Jerry never raced again (until he did later that episode) and a myth began to grow about his speed.

Do you believe McCoy? Did Michael Vick cheat during the foot race? Who’s George in this scenario?

McCoy wants to race Vick again but the Eagles quarterback should do the smart thing and “choose not to race.”

[Image Via Jerry Zitterman / Shutterstock.com]