Brooke Mueller In The Mafia? Actress Checked Into Rehab After Making Strange Claims

Is Brooke Mueller connected to the mafia? Is she an undercover FBI agent? The actress reportedly earned her place at a treatment facility earlier this month after she made a few strange claims to police.

According to TMZ, Mueller’s troubles started on May 1st when a man called police to her home in Los Angeles. The man told police that Mueller had assaulted him. Mueller didn’t deny the confrontation but she did tell police an interesting story.

The actress, who was reportedly under influence at the time, told police that she was connected to the mafia. She also reportedly said that she was working with the FBI to “bring down” Charlie Sheen.

The Hollywood Gossip reports that Mueller’s two kids were at the house at the time which prompted officers to call the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. Mueller’s children were taken into custody and she was placed on a 3-day psychiatric hold. After that she was taken to the UCLA Medical Center to receive treatment for substance abuse.


It’s unclear what substance Mueller is having a problem with but TMZ reports that it is most likely Adderall.

On the bright side, Mueller’s children aren’t living with strangers at the moment. The twin 4-year-olds are being taken care of Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen’s other ex-wife.

Do you think Brooke Mueller is really connected to the mafia? Is she really working with the FBI to “bring down” Charlie Sheen? Hopefully Brooke can kick her drug habit and regain custody of her children.