So, Um, Justin Bieber, Can We Talk About That Selena Gomez (Like) Tattoo Now?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are no longer in a romantic relationship that was never actually confirmed to begin with.

Yes, despite the ‘sweetheart’ Instagram, later deleted, the 9 and 1/2 weeks one, and the general, reasonable consensus that the pair were back together, Selena is very much “available” and “Jelena” is just another truncated anagram that’s outlived its purpose.

Which bring us neatly to Bieber’s most recent tattoo.

In addition to the 11 other tattoos he already had — listed here — after adding a Koi Carp to his left arm in Copenhagen, Denmark, during a tour stop, the 19-year-old added a tiger then an angel that looked suspiciously like Gomez while in Stockholm, Sweden.

To recap, Gomez flew to Oslo, Norway to visit Bieber on April 18.

The 20-year-old then traveled on with the Believe tour, jumping off after three days in Stockholm.

So it’s highly likely that the Canadian, who sent the second, steamier Instagram during the “Come and Get It” singer-actress’ visit, did intentionally get an angel tattoo that resembled her.

So, what to do?

Will Bieber simply grin and bear it and avoid looking at the several inches long ‘Selena-seraph’ on his arm? Or will he, or some assistant, make urgent inquiries about tat removal. In the interests of helpfulness Justin, see below.

Lasers, apparently, are the way to go for getting rid of once cherished now embarrassing ink stains.

One of the brands in the field and the preferred choice of most modern clinics is the Lynton Laser, which uses a Q-switched laser platform. In the bad old days — pre 1990’s — dermabrasion or acid-based or salt-based substances and even excision (cutting out the said tattoo) were the techniques used.

Further back than that things got even muckier, with wine, garlic, lime and the waste of pigeons even applied. Fast forward to today and non-invasive removal of tattoo pigments can remove black and colored ink completely.

Which is handy since Bieber’s ‘Selena Seraph’ has dark hair, and lots of it.

But it’ll probably require repeated visits to get the thing out, so if the teen star is going to go this route, probably best to get it done now while the Believe tour breaks for five weeks. According to medical sources, risks of hypopigmentation (white spots), burns and scarring are pretty small, so there’s that.

Interestingly, some illustrated people looking to downsize their tattoo square footage often decide to cover up the offending tat. Bieber, as we know, is rather partial to exotic animals. So, seeing as he spent fruitful time on a safari in South Africa, perhaps an elephant or a monkey to replace the ‘angel’ might work?

Maybe not a monkey.

Of course, there is one achingly simple way to avoid the sorrow — and minimal pain — of removing an unwanted tattoo. All together now, don’t get one in the first place.