b5media Update: All Contract Bloggers Now Terminated, Problogger Dumped

Further to the news last week that b5media had dumped its women bloggers is confirmation since that time that all remaining previous contract bloggers at b5media have been terminated.

We don’t have numbers, and although we’d suggested previously the remaining numbers (prior to the women bloggers purge) might be around 100-150, it would appear that the number may be 50-75, in that b5media has not been actively replacing bloggers leaving since the change of management last year.

Included in the final termination round were bloggers who had been blogging for b5media since early in its inception. As per last rounds, many ex-b5media bloggers have moved on to set up their own blogs, while others are seeking new writing opportunities.

Problogger and Digital Photography School, both sites owned by Darren Rowse but part of the b5media network from its earlier days have also been dumped from the network.

The new b5media strategy of having New York linked bloggers hired by former Gawker editor Elizabeth Spiers continues despite celeb/ fashion site Crushable struggling to establish itself.

b5media has also launched a new site called “The Gloss,” which appears to be a beauty site of sorts (we say appears to be because they don’t have an active about page.) Notable with the site is that the design seems to be ripped straight from the Gawker Media playbook.