Royal Baby Expected To Make First Appearance July 13

The royal baby is due to make its first appearance on July 13. That due date for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby would fall right in the middle of the queen’s coronation festivities.

Would the newest royal really be this gouche? Of course, this is all really just a rumor because the family has not actually announced the due date.

Still, July 13 is the day that many UK residents are circling as their chance to finally see the new addition’s entrance into the world.

A friend of the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, the official titles for William and Kate told British newspapers that the middle of July is the official time for the new baby to arrive.

The couple has been preparing as if the birth is imminent. The two have even poached a couple of the house staff from the queen herself in order to prepare for their little bundle of joy.

The royal baby would be arriving right in the middle of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Festival which begins on July 11 and ends on July 14.

While the July 13 date might be just a rumor at this point, the palace has allowed that the infant will be arriving sometime in July. The family and the palace will not, at this point say what day they are circling on their own calendars.

The fervor surrounding anything that has to do with the couple and their potential offspring has gripped the country and parts of the world for months.

At times, that fervor has even led to tragedy, such as the suicide of the nurse who let it slip that Kate was in her hospital to a couple of radio DJs who tricked the nurse.

Most of the excitement over the royal baby does seem to be generally good hearted.

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