‘Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine’ Cuts Some Multiplayer Modes

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine has cut a couple of multiplayer modes.

The notoriously skeleton graphics stealth puzzle game Monaco was in development for around three years, meaning a lot of work and ideas were obviously put into the game. With all games, good and bad, some things inevitably get left on the cutting room floor. Who knows, these multiplayer modes may get added again later as DLC.

The multiplayer modes that were cut are the Thief vs Thief, and Cops and Robbers competitive modes. The two multiplayer modes were in a playable state, but they were cut for balancing issues and incompatibility with the existing maps.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is one of those games that challenges your need for high resolution graphics in a gaming world where everyone seems obsessed with next generation capabilities. You play as one of four types of criminal, each with unique abilities that significantly change the way you play the game, and your goal is to navigate the game’s maps to get your crew out of prison to freedom. You don’t have lives; you just switch to another crew member and try again. Cooperative multiplayer would make more sense than most competitive modes.

Monaco creator Andy Schatz said that Thief vs Thief as a multiplayer mode didn’t have enough interaction between the players, as it was just a contest to see who could grab the coins faster, and the current maps wouldn’t allow it without serious alteration and that would get old rather quickly for the player. However, Cops and Robbers showed some potential, as it allowed players to control constables. When it worked, it was reportedly extremely fun.

Andy Schatz stated, “We were going to have to build entirely new content tailored to them in order to make them feel at the same level of quality. There are some [interesting] challenges with both that we never fully figured out.”

If they can get Cops and Robbers to a more consistent level of enjoyment and playability, it may be offered later as DLC.

What do you think of Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine getting some of its multiplayer modes cut?