Massive ‘Bloomberg Cupcake’ Weighs In At 36K Calories

New York City — “Sweet!” is the only way to describe the giant Bloomberg cupcake made by House of Cupcakes.

The cupcake brand based in Princeton, N.J., celebrated the grand opening of its store in the West Village in Manhattan this week by unveiling a huge cupcake made in honor of Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The store also gave away normal sized cupcakes to visitors to the new venue.

The NYC mayor is well known for his nanny state crusade against large sugary drinks, salt, smoking in restaurants, and possibly even earbuds among other things.

The ingredients of the mother of all cupcakes include about 12 pounds of sugar, five pounds of butter, four pounds of flour, six cups of cocoa power, two dozen eggs, and two cups of milk which, taken together, totals 36,000 calories.

House of Cakes owner Ron Bzdewka said that the Mayor Bloomberg cupcake was just a form of good-natured kidding around given the mayor’s well-publicized policies about personal behavior. “It’s just all in fun, it’s not like we’re trying to you know, go against him, it’s just a fun thing, like I said I’m a big guy, I do big things,” Bzdewka said. The store also gifted City Hall with some standard-sized sugar-free cupcakes

Bzdewka and his wife Ruthie, who co-founded the company with him, were the winners of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network and so they know their way around treats of all sizes.

Mayor Bloomberg apparently wasn’t amused, however, with the Bloomberg cupcake. “This is one of the dumbest things people have done.” Added the mayor in reference to the obesity epidemic: “This is not a joke; people are dying.”

Unlike Bloomberg, most of the store’s customers reportedly enjoyed checking out the display which has now been donated “to one of the local ‘harvest’ groups that takes food from area restaurants to feed the homeless and needy.”

Bloomberg’s ban on sugary drinks scheduled to go into effect on March 12 was blocked at least temporarily by a judge and is now on hold.

[Image via @MichelleFields]