Sir Richard Branson Dresses In Drag After Losing A Bet

What do you do for fun when you’re a billionaire with a Formula One team? Well, you make ludicrous bets with other team owners. Sir Richard Branson recently lost a bet to Tony Fernandes and had to dress in drag aboard an Air Asia flight.

Branson writes in his blog that he made a bet with Fernandes two years ago about which of their Formula One teams would finish in a better position. The loser of the bet would have to dress up in drag and play stewardess for the winner.

The billionaire said that he’s tried several times to pay up on the bet but it took him a few years to do it.

Branson writes: “When I made a bet two and a half years ago with Tony Fernandes about which of our Formula One teams would finish higher, we agreed whoever lost would dress as cabin crew on the other’s airline.

“Our first attempt was foiled by my skiing accident. The second was thwarted by the royal wedding. The third when our house burnt down on Necker. Well, a bet is a bet – so it was a pleasure to finally honour the bet and join the team in my beautiful new uniform on a flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur.”

Branson shaved his legs (but not his beard), wore red lipsticks, an Air Asia uniform, and red shoes. He also had to serve Tony and his team drinks and food during the meal.

Of course, the billionaire admits that he wasn’t the best server.

Fernandes may have won the bet but the Starlight Foundation won the day. Branson and his billionaire buddy used the event to raise money for charity. According to Virgin’s blog, they raised more than $300,000.

Here are some photos of Richard Branson in drag.

You can see more photos on Virgin’s blog.

Branson writes: “Tony used to work for Virgin and it’s brilliant to see how he has built a thriving brand of his own. Sadly, he’ll have have to carry on the airline without me, because he sacked me straight after the flight!”