‘Dishonored’ Designer Explains His Job To His Mom [Video]

Dishonored designer Seth Shane explains to his mom what he does in a video released today.

Bethesda is the developer behind Dishonored, a first-person game in which you kill your targets in creative ways using time control and telekinesis in a steampunk setting. A recent DLC expansion allows you to play through the game again as the villain, giving virtual bad boys something extra to do.

The video below shows a designer behind the game talking to his mom, who doesn’t understand how he never has time to talk. She knows he makes video games, but it doesn’t stop her from going full guilt trip.

The video starts with the on screen text, “Hey Mom! I make video games,” as Seth starts in, “Just so everyone out there knows what the hell is going on, who are you and how do you know me?”

His mom replies, “I’m Joanne Davis, mother of Seth, an unexpected son, actually, and I’m the mother. I have to say I actually have three sons. One of them, not mentioning any names…” She elbows Dishonored designer Seth Shane, and they have one of those familiar exchanges.

Seth Shane asks his mom, “So what do I do for a living?”

His mom says, “Um, well clearly I don’t have any idea what you do, but I know you love what you do, and I’ve seen the product of what you do. When you get into your office, I know that I cannot call you, I know that you will not take my calls. I know that your answers if I get in are very short and fresh.”

Seth seems to start backpedaling, but he doesn’t get anywhere with it.

His mom continues, “And I know now that if I call you at work twice, it means somebody died. And I get yelled at for it…”

The rest of the video is above.

What do you think of the video of Dishonored designer Seth Shane explaining to his mom what he does on the job?