EPIC WIN: Hurt Locker Kicks Avatar At Academy Awards

Duncan Riley

In a big upset this evening, the Academy has picked the army over blue aliens and awarded break out hit The Hurt Locker over Avatar.

Hurt Locker picked up the six Oscars for the category best picture, best director, best original script, best sound editing, best sound mixing and editing.

Avatar, now the highest grossing movie of all time, wasn't loved by the Academy much at all, winning only three oscars: Cinematography, art direction and visual effects.

Avatar director James Cameron didn't seem very pleased either, with one shot during the coverage showing him shaking his head as former wife Kathryn Bigelow accepted her best director award.

Sandra Bullock became the first actress to win both a best actress Oscar and Razzie in the same year, winning the Oscar for her role in The Blind Side. Jeff Bridges picked up best actor for Crazy Heart.