Trenton NJ Hostages Standoff With Gunman Ends After Three Days

Trenton, NJ – Hostages were rescued from a gunman, including three children.

“The Trenton hostage situation is resolved, the three children are safe, and the area is secure,” state police Sgt. Adam Grossman.

The Trenton, NJ hostages were held for three days starting Saturday. The gunman, whose identity has not been released, remained holed-up in a two-story red brick while holding children hostages.

Police had entered the building but pulled back after discovering the gunman wielding a weapon. This is when the SWAT team was called in, which had a robot that could enter the home. An arson bomb squad and a medical team was also on-site in case they were needed. The SWAT team was hoping to see the safe and peaceful release of the Trenton, NJ hostages.

ABC reports that the alleged gunman may have killed his girlfriend, a mother of five children. During the standoff, one family member said to be a nephew confronted police, screaming, “Do something! Do something! Make something happen!”

No one knows for certain the relationship of the three child hostages to the gunman. Police have refused to give any more information about the Trenton hostage standoff, including how it ended, what became of the gunman and the girlfriend, or any information about the children. It is currently unknown whether anyone was killed, and if there was more than the three successfully rescued hostages.

With the Trenton, NJ hostages safe, police say more information will be released later this Sunday morning.

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