Gator Catches Suspect On Run From Police

Bryan Zuniga was able to outrun the police after a traffic stop but he wasn’t able to outrun the wildlife. A gator caught the suspect as he tried to flea police near a water treatment plant in St. Petersburg, Florida.

According to 10 News, officers tried to pull Zuniga over after he was reportedly seen swerving in and out of lanes through Pinellas County. When Zuniga finally stopped his car, he opened the door and ran through a fence to escape police.

Zuniga, 20, managed to elude the police but he was stopped by a law-abiding gator. The alligator attacked the suspect, inflicting wounds to the man’s face and arms. Zuniga managed to escape the alligator but had to check himself into the hospital to be treated for his wounds.

The officers were waiting for him when he was released.

Zuniga was charged with breaking a fence, fleeing police, and driving with a suspended license. He was also charged with resisting arrest.

According to WLTX, the bizarre incident could have fatal consequences for the alligator. The Florida Fish And Wildlife service is supposed to put down any alligator that attacks a human. People in the community are protesting, however, saying that the alligator was just protecting its eggs when Zuniga ran by.

Carey Brodnick, who lives in the area, said: “He got in her way … She was protecting her eggs.”

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