Arias Bomb Threat Suspect Arrested, Sentencing Postponed

Phoenix, AZ – The Jodi Arias trial was disrupted after a teenager tweeted a bomb threat.

Authorities arrested 18-year-old Laquint H. Cherry after police tracked him to an area hotel. Although he initially refused to turn himself over to police, the suspect eventually surrendered without incident.

Police said Cherry posted several threatening messages on his Twitter page on Wednesday. The teenager reportedly said he planned to detonate a bomb in the courthouse.

Shortly after the verdict was read, the bomb threat suspect tweeted that he had “planted some IEDs in the … Superior Court room in Phoenix Arizona tomorrow I’ll become a hero and also shot by pigs once I unload.”

Officers were able to track Laquint Cherry and his girlfriend to Value Place Motel in Phoenix. The bomb squad reportedly searched the suspect’s room after he was placed under arrest. Although ammunition was discovered, no bomb-making materials were found.

Police spent several hours trying to get Cherry to surrender. During this time, the suspect reportedly continued to tweet messages to his followers.

“My Facebook proves I kidnap and torture people I post pictures and video. This is all amusing to me. I’ll put my ballistic on tomorrow,” Cherry wrote at one point.

“I’ll never be arrested because I have open cases with the CIA they know I’m the real deal. My facebook would prove I don’t joke,” he tweeted shortly before being arrested by police.

Although Cherry’s girlfriend was questioned by authorities after police descended upon the motel, she was later released. It would seem that only Cherry is being charged with the bomb threat made after the Jodi Arias verdict was read on Wednesday.

Sentencing was expected to begin at 1 pm on Thursday. However, reports suggest that court was canceled because Jodi Arias had been placed on suicide watch. Sentencing is now expected to take place next Wednesday.

What do you think about the teenager who tweeted a bomb threat shortly after the Jodi Arias verdict was read?

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