Derrek Rose To Return For Game 3? Chicago Bulls Deny Rumors

Could Derrick Rose make his triumphant return to the Chicago Bulls tonight for Game 3 against the Miami Heat? Sure, why not. But it’s not going to happen.

During game 2 on Wednesday night, which the Bulls lost by 37 points, a rumor started circulating that Derrick Rose would suit up when the team returns to Chicago on Friday night. Rose’s trainer has apparently been carrying the super star’s jersey around just in case D-Rose wakes up and decides like playing basketball and after the blowout in game 2, that itch is apparently getting stronger.

Sports Talk quoted a source saying that Derrick would wear a uniform, and not a suit, for game 3 in Chicago. The former MVP would see very little minutes, or possibly none at all, but would be in uniform to give his team an emotional lift.

When asked about the rumor, Coach Tom Thibodeau laughed it off and said that he hasn’t heard anything about Rose dressing for tonight’s game.

Coach Thibs said: “What report? I didn’t see it. You guys floating it out there? Nothing has changed with him.”

Thibs and Rose have been saying the same thing for weeks. Derrick will play when he’s ready to play. Will that be tonight for Game 3? Probably not. ESPN reports that there has been no change to Derrick’s status since the start of the playoffs.

The real question for Chicago fans is whether or not Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich will play tonight. Deng and Hinrich have both been sidelined recently due to illness and injury. Deng recently revealed that he’s lost 15 pounds during his illness and Hinrich’s recovery isn’t going much better. Both players are likely out tonight against the Heat.

The Chicago Bulls will take the floor tonight without Rose, Deng, or Hinrich tonight. But don’t worry too much. It’s not like Chicago hasn’t faced this sort of thing in the past. Coach Tom Thibodeau, as well as his team, firmly believe that no matter who they have on the floor tonight they “have enough to win.”

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