Filomena Tobias Flips Off Joakim Noah, Then It Gets Weird

Filomena Tobias was once just known as the woman who flipped off Yoakim Noah as he left the court during game two of the Chicago Bulls‘ series against the Miami Heat.

As it want to happen when someone jumps into the spotlight the way the blonde bombshell did, people started digging. It turns out that flipping off a basketball player after a game is one of the less weird things that the woman has been involved in.

Filomena Tobias is the widow of former successful investor and sometimes CNBC contributor Seth Tobias.

Her busband passed away in 2007 by drowning in their (probably) palatial pool. It was later found that the man was trying to swim while being doped up on a combination of Ambien, cocaine, and booze.

That’s not the weird part. The weird part is that the world’s classiest basketball fan is also an accused murderer. At least she was accused of murder by Seth’s brothers.

After a five month investigation, the authorities never filed any charges. This was despite the fact that a personal assistant of the dearly departed claimed that the bird flinger confessed to him that she lured her husband out the pool by drugging him up and promising him he could have sex with a male porn star named “Tiger.”

Drugs played a central part in the weirdness that was the couple’s marriage. Other reports indicate that the Mrs would drug test her husband by sucking on his nose in order to look for cocaine residue.

Phyllis, as she was known to her friends, had other problems that were all her own. At some point in her life, she began leaning on an online psychic who was actually a gay con man named Billy Ash.

Besides posing as a psychic, Ash was well known for telling tabloids that he worked alongside Tina Turner at an AIDs clinic that didn’t exist.

It seems as though the socialite has come out the other end of quite a few interesting hijinks, including as many as three marriages.

Now the world knows Filomena Tobias’ story, and it seems to make a little more sense that she had no problem jamming a raised middle finger into the face of a man who stands almost seven feet tall.