Alex Jones Wants Us To Use Social Media To Overthrow … Something [Video]

Conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones seems to be calling on the true believers overthrow the system with the most powerful weapon we have at our disposal: Facebook.

While we’re not entirely sure what Jones was trying to say on his May 7 show, we can attest that he opens his mouth and sounds do indeed come out (there’s video below to prove it).

But whatever you think of Alex Jones, be he an uncompromising truth machine or an out-and-out wing-nut, you have to admit, his comments about Facebook, YouTube, and the like were difficult to parse.

MofoPoliticsposted video of Jones in the midst of a melodramatic rant about Google, Facebook, and YouTube, alleging that they’re basically “front operations” for the Central Intelligence Agency.

While discussing yelling about social media in general, Jones dropped this little marble that was picked up by Mediaite:

“Use it like a toilet! Use Facebook to jack their system! And jack ‘em hard! But hate ‘em, and spit on ‘em while you do it. Same thing with YouTube. And all of it. Jack the enemy conduits. Jack it hard and hate ‘em! And spit on ‘em while you do it.”

Then Jones slipped into some more familiar territory:

“This is a war! They’re killing kids everywhere with GMO and vaccines knowingly. This morning they had jets out spraying chemtrails everywhere. It’s a public G.O. engineering program — partially declassified and the public doesn’t even know about it! You think you’re in Kansas? You’re not in Kansas anymore!”

Jones also accused Google of blocking traffic to his website (InfoWars) as well as to the Drudge Report. It’s not really a secret that Google is headed up by some pretty liberal folks, so, naturally, they’re going to use their power to make sure that no one can reach sites containing content they personally disagree with.

“Google is the one jacking and breaking through your pass codes. And spying. And [Google CEO Eric] Schmidt says, ‘You shouldn’t visit anything you don’t want me to see.’ On a power trip. What a joke! By the way he only sold 10,000 of his book. What a joke you are, scumbag. Just because you can run a CIA criminal front, doesn’t mean you actually ever did anything, little man! Hope you’re cozy under the black wings of the New World Order!”

For journalistic purposes, I just attempted to access InfoWars and Drudge and can report no problems on my end.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think of Alex Jones. Oh, and if you watch the video, here’s the Mark Zuckerberg article he shows at the end. Make sure to read the last paragraph.

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