Outbrain offers Disqus integration

Blog ratings and recommendation service Outbrain has launched their first integration with commenting 2.0 service Disqus.

With the first release, links to Disqus comments will now be offered as standard to users who use both services. In the wild, the addition includes a link on the word comments.

To access the feature, users don’t need to upgrade their Outbrain plugin, as the link will be automatically provided (it’s not on The Inquisitr yet because we don’t run a standard externally served version of Outbrain, but it will eventually be here).

John LoGioco writes on the Outbrain blog that “In many cases the position of the outbrain rater at the footer of each post lifts the Disqus comment link higher than the standard Disqus integration which should be a good thing.”

The integration is a first step for Outbrain, who have been talking about tie-ins with Disqus for some time. Both companies offer complimentary services, and in the battle for users, cross promotional deals like this help drive better products for users.

Disclosure: we run both services, but we have no financial arrangements with either company.