Malcolm Shabazz: Grandson Of Malcolm X Killed In Mexico

Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X was killed in Mexico. According to reports, the US Embassy has confirmed that Shabazz was killed in Tijuana, Mexico, early today. Shabazz was the grandson of human rights activist Malcolm X.

As reported by The Journal News, Shabazz was killed from injuries sustained during a robbery attempt. A friend of the family, Terrie M. Williams, has confirmed the reports through social media, stating that Shabazz’s family received word of his death through the US Embassy.

Shabazz, age 28, was a troubled youth, convicted of his first crime at the age of 12. He plead guilty to, and was convicted of, setting a fire to his grandmother’s apartment. Betty Shabazz eventually died of the injuries sustained in the blaze. Betty was the widow of Malcolm X.

Speaking to News One in a 2012 interview, Shabazz detailed his difficult childhood. He states that he spent much of his childhood in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, infested with gang activity.

Although he was referred to as “psychotic” by several mental health experts, Shabezz pointed out that the environment he was exposed to, not a mental defect, led to his criminal behavior.

He described his childhood as inconsistent at times, which caused him further issues:

“I’ve lived in the lap of luxury … and not wanted for a single thing … the very next day I’m [living in] a slum in a gang-infested … neighborhood … One minute, I’m in a situation with structure and discipline. The next minute I’m running the streets with no supervision at all.”

Malcolm Shabazz was killed, never knowing his father. His mother, Qubilah, watched her father die at the Audubon Ballroom, at the age of four. She eventually relocated to Paris where Malcolm Shabazz was born in 1984.

Shabazz and his mother moved back to the US when he was still a young boy. He states that he and his mother were never close, as at times she was neglectful of his needs. Shabezz often stayed with relatives, including his great-grandmother, grandmother, and aunt.

He contends that he never meant for his grandmother to get hurt in the fire. Malcolm states that he plead guilty as he felt he had no choice.

Shabazz was recently touring North America speaking out against “struggles that confront this generation.” He was reportedly in the process of writing a book.

In a recent blog, which has been removed, Shabazz reportedly stated that he was being persecuted by the FBI’s Counter Terrorism Task Force Unit. The FBI declined comment about any investigation into Shabazz’s activities, or his death.

Malcolm Shabazz, like his grandfather Malcolm X, will remain a legend. Shabazz is survived by his three-year-old daughter Ilyasha, his aunt, and his mother.

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