Parents Learn Of Son’s Death From School Website

Any parent worth a salt hopes to never see the day they are informed that their child has passed away, but imagine finding out from your kid’s school website instead of law enforcement officials.

For Christopher and Lisa Avery-Wright, this was a horrific reality two years ago when they started receiving condolence calls from friends and acquaintances the night of their son’s death. They had heard that their son, William, had been hit by a car near his school, and Christopher was on his way to the hospital to see his son.

But those calling said they had seen an announcement of William’s death on the Worth School website. When Christopher confirmed this to be true, his grief turned to anger.

Since William’s November 2011 death, both Christopher and Lisa say they have been living “a life sentence,” still angry at the way they learned about the tragedy. They have since filed a lawsuit for damages and want the school’s headmaster, Gino Carminati, to resign.

“The school made the decision to post the news on its website almost immediately – before William’s body had even been formally identified,” Lisa Avery-Wright charged. “So many people read about it on Facebook and Christopher was flooded with messages, emails and texts.”

“We have no idea why the school would have done that. My husband should not have found out on his way to the hospital,” she said.

Despite the lawsuit, Lisa says the couple would be happy to not “receive a penny” if the Worth School just admitted its mistake.

“We’re living a life sentence because of it and William lost his life, we believe it is only fair someone should stand up and be counted,” she said.

A spokesperson for the school said the following:

“The school attempted last year to resolve a claim under the fatal accidents act but unfortunately that remains outstanding.

“On the date of the accident the school attempted at all times to act correctly and it deeply regrets if any of its actions contributed to the distress of Mr and Mrs Avery-Wright.

“The school continues to feel every sympathy and extend condolences to the Avery-Wright family in their tragic loss.”

Could you imagine learning of your child’s death on a school website?

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