Kiss Cam Breakup With Dude Who’d Rather Yap On Phone Than Kiss [Video]

A kiss cam breakup was caught on video on May 3 by the Fresno Grizzlies. You know that guy who can’t stop yapping on the phone for anything? Don’t be that guy. Or you too could find yourself starring in your very own embarrassing breakup video, caught live on Jumbo Tron.

Yeah, I know. I never heard of them either. The Fresno Grizzlies are a minor league baseball team, and maybe the villain of the piece is just as fascinated by baseball as I am.

Maybe his girlfriend dragged him there against his will, kicking and screaming and crying, and his only escape from the tedium that is baseball was to yap on his phone.

But c’mon, dude. He had three chances. As you’ll see in the clip below, the cam came to him not once, not twice, but three times to give him a chance to kiss his girl for the stadium audience.

Instead, he blew her off all three times. Meanwhile, every other guy — no matter how old or how worried he looked about the game — found a moment to smile and kiss his girl when he realized that the camera was on them.

Don’t disrespect your lady in public like that when she has a stadium-sized soft drink. I’m just saying.

She got her revenge, and now the couple is YouTube famous, with over 1.5 million views since the video was posted on Tuesday.

The Fresno Grizzlies channel said that Parker, their official mascot, was there to run the couple down and smooth over troubled waters. Maybe. A cynical soul might think he just ran after them to get their signature on the model release.

Have you ever been caught on a kiss cam? Post your story in the comments if it led to a kiss cam breakup.

[photo of former Grizzlies Stadium now Chukchansi Park by Yahqqligan via Flickr and Wikimedia Commons]

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