Marco Rubio: Obama And State Department Should Be Held Accountable For Benghazi

Marco Rubio says President Obama and the State Department should be held accountable for Benghazi.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some say the Benghazi hearings could impeach Obama although Marco Rubio is not going that far.

The three witnesses in the Benghazi hearings claim the consulate’s security budgets were cut through “normalizing.” Multiple requests for maintaining internal security levels were denied despite the Red Cross and the British being attacked. In the end, the State Department never responded to the Tripoli embassy’s request for continued security resources. Internal security was thus reduced from 34 people to just three. Instead, groups tied to al Qaeda terrorists were hired to guard Benghazi and these groups abruptly ended this contract right before the attack. During the attack, special forces were denied a Benghazi rescue missiontwice even though the flight time was less than an hour.

As for after the attack, the Benghazi report details how the White House and senior State Department officials of altered “accurate talking points drafted by the intelligence community in order to protect the State Department.”

After the Benghazi hearings Marco Rubio wants Obama and the State Department held accountable:

“Instead of ensuring that these terrible events are not repeated, the White House and its allies seem more interested in accusing those seeking answers of playing politics than getting to the bottom of what happened that night.

“Perhaps most concerning is the fact that no one has yet been held accountable. How is it that the United States of America, with our global reach and capabilities, has been unable to identify, apprehend or kill those responsible for the deaths of these four Americans?

“It is the White House, not the Congress, that is playing politics with this issue, perhaps out of concern that answering these questions will raise uncomfortable truths about this administration’s policies.”

Do you agree with Marco Rubio that President Obama and State Department should be held accountable for Benghazi?

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