Robson: Nervous Breakdown Triggered By Memories Of Abuse By Jackson

Wade Robson’s nervous breakdown was triggered by memories of sexual abuse by Michael Jackson, according to reports. Robson’s attorney Henry Gradstein states that his client was subjected to years of sexual abuse at the hands of the late King of Pop.

Robson, age 30, is well known for his choreography. He has worked as choreographer for Britney Spears, ‘N SYNC, Pepsi, Coke, N-64, Toyota, MTV, Paula Abdul, and Michael Jackson. As reported by IMDB, Robson has also appeared in several TV series’ and videos.

As reported by, Robson claims that he was abused by Jackson for a period of seven years. The accusations are in stark contrast with his previous defense of allegations against Jackson. In 2005 Robson testified under oath in defense of Jackson in a child molestation case.

Accusations of Jackson’s inappropriate behavior toward Robson were brought up during the 2005 trial. One of Jackson’s housekeepers testified that she observed Jackson showering with Robson, on at least one occasion. Additionally, Robson’s mother admitted, during the trial, to allowing her son to sleep with Jackson in his bed.

Robson publicly denied that Jackson ever behaved inappropriately toward him, until his attorney filed the lawsuit earlier this month.

Attorney Gradstein states that Robson’s nervous breakdown in 2012 was caused by memories of what happened to him as a child. Gradstein stated that his client simply “collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened.”

The lawsuit, which is sealed, was filed against Michael Jackson’s estate. The statute of limitations has passed for a claim against the estate. However, Gradstein has asked the court for special permission to process the lawsuit.

Howard Weitzman, attorney for Jackson’s estate, contends that the lawsuit and accusations are “outrageous and pathetic.” In a formal statement Weitzman states that Robson “testified at least twice under oath … that Michael Jackson never did anything inappropriate to him or with him.”

Tom Mesereau, Jackson’s defense in the 2005 case has pointed out the “suspicious timing” of the lawsuit, as Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial has just begun.

Attorney Gradstein explains that Robson‘s nervous breakdown, not the wrongful death trial, led to the eventual lawsuit.

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