‘The Old Spice Guy’ Isaiah Mustafa Is Selling Beer In Israel

Isaiah Mustafa made a name for himself by hawking Old Spice in a set of virally popular commercials, and now he’s selling beer in Israel.

Mustafa is currently appearing in an ad for Maccabee beer where he uses his uber-eloquence to push such lines as “Did you ever taste the silent splendor of a sunrise?” and others.

In the background, it would appear as if The Old Spice guy was standing in the President’s Oval Office as he tries to convince a bar patron to try the beer.

By the end of the commercial, Mustafa appears to convince the bar patron to try the beverage and then all of Israel rejoices.

The Maccabee video has received 861,485 views on YouTube since being uploaded on April 10, 2013.

While we haven’t seen Isaiah Mustafa in any recent US-based Old Spice ads, the company says it “continues to work with Isaiah Mustafa on several global projects for the brand.”

For its new bar soap commercials, Old Spice is using a different actor.

Here’s the Maccabee beer commercial:

So what do you think? Is the Maccabee beer commercial a win, or should The Old Spice Guy stick to his original and hilarious role as a deodorant salesman?