Charles Ramsey Says Domestic Violence Arrests Made Him A Better Person

Charles Ramsey claims he has atoned for his alleged domestic violence past.

Yesterday it was revealed that the Cleveland man who is credited with rescuing kidnap victim Amanda Berry and her daughter, along with two other hostages, was apparently a repeat domestic violence violence offender and served time in jail as a result.

The folksy, earthy Ramsey became an international viral star after his initial, very colorful local media interview — along with his epic 911 call — hit the internet following the rescue of Berry and the other women from a neighboring house.

Ramsey’s past involvement with the criminal justice system appears to have a somewhat complicated procedural history. To make a long story short, Ramsey allegedly was found guilty of domestic violence in 1998, and while waiting to be sentenced, he evidently was arrested again. Both charges as consolidated reportedly resulted in a six-month jail term and five years probation, according to The Smoking Gun website. In January 2003, he apparently was arrested again for domestic violence and served time in the Lorain, Ohio, Correctional Institution. He had been incarcerated in the same facility in the early 1990s for drug abuse and other minor crimes.

Ramsey’s ex-wife, who was the victim of the domestic abuse, has said that Ramsey subsequently apologized to her for his behavior and they get along okay now.

When asked this week about his background of domestic violence arrests, Ramsey, 43, told TMZ the following:

“I’ve made amends with the people involved and we’ve all moved on and grown up … Those incidents helped me become the man I am today and are the reason why I try to help the community as much as I can … Including those women.

Added Ramsey: “If I had so much hatred for women, I would have minded my own business this week and walked away instead of risking my life to save someone else.”

Do you accept Cleveland kidnapping hero Charles Ramsey’s response about his somewhat sketchy past?

Separately, it didn’t take long, and there is at least one Charles Ramsey audio mix that has shown up on YouTube. This one is called “dead giveaway.”

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