‘Saints Row 4’ Producer Shows Off Gameplay [Video]

Saints Row 4 senior producer Jim Boone shows off the gameplay.

Volition and Deep Silver have released a video showing off the weapons, super powers and nut shots that Saints Row 4 offers. Last time, we showed you a video inviting you to “meet the President” and the character turned out to be crazy as all get out, dressing in everything between superhero suits and his birthday suit and kicking men in the nuts hard enough to bounce them off billboards.

The new video for Saints Row 4 begins with the game’s logo alongside an electronic version of “Hail to the Chief”. The senior producer starts out saying, “Hello, my name is Jim Boone, senior producer on Saints Row 4. We’re going to show you the new features from our PAX pre-alpha demo, so let’s get started.”

We see a street in a big city and it’s business as usual as our President walks by the camera in a ridiculously patriotic top hat and striped pants. Jim Boone narrates, “The first big addition to Saints Row 4 is that the leader of the Saints is now President of the United States of America. He has continued his climb to the top, and now has become the leader of the free world.” The President has turned around after checking out what looks like the beginning of the alien invasion. Something weird is happening just beyond the city skyline.

“You’re seeing him in a virtual Steelport. We’ll touch upon that a little bit later as we continue this demo.” We now see one side of the alien ship in the sky as the President just kind of stands there.

Jim Boone continues, “Next we’re going to see the President greet some of his people.” The President then runs and slides between the legs of what seems a random bystander, punching him in the nads.

The rest of the walkthrough is above.

What do you think of producer Jim Boone’s gameplay walkthrough for Saints Row 4?