Demi Lovato Goes Blonde, Almost Gets Nabbed At Airport Security For It

Demi Lovato debuted blonde hair this week at an event in Washington, D.C., but the singer and X Factor judge may have gone a bit too far in the transformation.

Lovato seems to be enjoying her new blonde hair, but it nearly got her pinched as she went through airport security this week.

The singer tweeted May 6 that the new hair was making for some difficult travel. Lovato wrote: “Almost didn’t make it through airport security!! I look SO different from my driver’s license!! Hahaha #blondehairdon’tcare”

Seeing the normally brunette Demi Lovato go blonde is a bit of a change, but it’s not exactly her first experiment with new hair colors. In the past year alone, she’s tried red, black, and even went cotton-candy pink for auditions of The X Factor in San Francisco.

The 20-year-old singer debuted the blonde hair at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration where she was given an award. Demi Lovato not only lightened her hair by quite a few shades, she also cut her long brunette tresses into a shorter bob haircut with the bangs swept aside.

The event was one near to Lovato’s heart. She spent three months in rehabilitation in 2010 for “emotional and physical abuses,” revealing later that she suffered from bipolar disorder and was also being treated for an eating disorder and cutting.

Lovato remembered it as a dark period in her life in which she was in desperate need of help but afraid to ask for it.

“You’re constantly asking yourself, ‘What will happen if people know my diagnosis?’ ” Lovato said explained. “For me, it was more complicated. ‘Would I lose my career, doing what I love?’ … I pretended for a long time to be OK so that I could continue to work. And that’s why I’m here today, to tell young people who are asking themselves those questions, uncertain of what lies ahead, that they are not alone.”

Photos of Demi Lovato in her blonde hair can be found here.