Castro Family’s Dark Side: Fourth Victim Buried [Report]

The Castro family’s dark side is revealed as tales of torture, sexual abuse, and psychological games have surfaced. Additionally, a fourth victim may be buried in Ariel Castro’s back yard, according to reports.

Ariel Castro and his two brothers have all been arrested in connection with the abduction and confinement of three Ohio women. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight were all kidnapped around ten years ago. They were discovered alive in Ariel Castro’s home early this week.

As reported by the Examiner, neighbors report seeing a nude woman, with chains around her neck, crawling around in the yard. The same woman was seen in the yard on two separate occasions. Neighbors stated that both incidents were reported to police, but nothing was done.

The Castro Family’s Dark side extends to Ariel’s daughter Emily as well. Emily is currently incarcerated for attempting to murder her infant. Emily was convicted of slicing the baby’s throat four times. She was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight all report that they were impregnated by Castro, eventually suffering miscarriages due to physical abuse and malnutrition.

As reported by Reuters, Ariel Castro was arrested in 1993 for domestic violence. Although the case was eventually dismissed, Castro was accused of physically abusing his wife.

In the complaint, Castro’s wife alleges that he tried to abduct their daughters on multiple occasions. She also accuses him of breaking her nose twice. Castro’s wife reportedly died last year.

Authorities are reportedly now searching for the body of a fourth victim. Michelle Knight, who was abducted before the other two women, has stated that when she arrived, there was another women being held in the home. She explains that when she woke up one day, the woman was simply gone.

Police reportedly found “RIP” written on the basement wall. Detectives have been conducting searches of Castro’s yard and home as well as his brothers’ homes.

As the investigation continues, authorities are learning even more about the Castro family’s dark side. A fourth victim may be buried in Castro’s yard, adding even more mystery to this bizarre case.

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