Charlie Sheen In Court, Denise Richards And Twin Boys Also Appear [Video]

Charlie Sheen was in court Tuesday, thanks to Brooke Mueller, but this time it wasn’t his anger problems that brought him there. Along with ex-wife Denise Richards, the 42-year-old mother of his daughters, 47-year-old Sheen met to present a unified front about the care of his 4-year-old twin sons with ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

The rarely working starlet and socialite is currently at the UCLA Medical Center, where she has been receiving treatment for substance abuse. According to her rep Steve Honig, Mueller will soon transfer to a drug rehab facility so that she can “get healthy so she can resume her life and get back to being a mom.”

That’s all fine and dandy for rehab veteran Mueller, who is on her 19th or 20th stint through rehab. But it left open the question of who would take custody of the boys, originally awarded to Mueller after a bitter and sometimes violent divorce from Charlie Sheen.

As she has done before, Denise Richards has stepped up to the plate to take care of the boys.

Apparently, Charlie Sheen isn’t even allowed to talk about Brooke Mueller, but his rep Larry Solters previously confirmed that Sheen was happy with Richards taking the boys.

On Tuesday, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were seen together outside the courthouse, both dressed conservatively. They reportedly met inside with the judge and also with twins Bob and Max.

Sheen’s lawyer isn’t allowed to comment either.

However, even a court order can’t completely repress Charlie Sheen. Although he made a zipping motion over his lips to tell reporters that the judge still wanted him to keep silent, he then gave the sign of two thumbs up.

That’s being widely interpreted to mean that Charlie Sheen’s boys will remain safely in the temporary custody of Denise Richards.

For once, Charlie Sheen’s day in court left him happy.

[photo Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen on a happier occasion by Helga Esteb /]

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